March 4, 2018

Trip to Italy Part 3: Exploring Venice

What can I say about Venice that won't sound like a cliché? Yes, the city is old and beautiful but there's something more to it than that. There's an air of mystery... as if every little island, small canal and old building holds a thousand stories waiting to be told.

It is easy to get lost in Venice. Not lost in the sense of took a wrong turn and don't know where you, but more like losing yourself in the heart of the city and in time. Walking around, it simply doesn't feel like it's 2018. Sure enough there was a McDonald's there that was a quick way to return back to reality but for the most part, it was easy enough to believe it was still the 1400's.

We stayed in the new part of town with our hotel conveniently located next to shops and restaurants. The trip to the old part of town required was to buy a €7.50 from a tobacconist (go figure), then hop on a bus we got from just outside our hotel and ride for about 20mins. Easy peasy!

There isn't much to tell about the day we spend in Venice, simply because it was so breathtakingly beautiful, we mostly spend the day exploring. So here are the photos. Hopefully, they will tell a better story than I ever can...

One of the more modern-looking buildings in old Venezia

Venezia Sestiere Cannaregio

And there's us! Can we look any happier? :P

Those narrow cobbled streets make me so happy. I don't know why but I just love them

Venetian coffee, 'nough sid

The person who I love getting lost with

We found the cutest book shop in the piazza de San Marco

The Grand Canal

In his element capturing everything

A quick stop at Cafe Venezia to satisfy our caffeine and sweet pastry cravings

Look at this beauty!

Saint Mark's Basilica

Palazzo Ducale and the famous bridge of sighs. The story is that after being sentenced, prisoners were taken from the courthouse (the building on the right) to the prison (the building on the left) and going through the bridge they would glance at Venezia and freedom one last time and in doing so let out a wistful sigh. hence the bridge of sighs

Yours truly looking positively happy. This is what this place did to me. It made me glow with happeniess.

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