November 16, 2017

3 Days in Amsterdam Part 3: Brownies and Other Funny Business

There’s so much more to Amsterdam than the coffee shops and Red Lights District yet there’s no denying that these are two major aspects of the city.

We didn’t actually look for the Red Lights District, it was more the case of it finding us. As the area is quite central, we stumbled upon it as we were exploring the city. You take a turn and all of the sudden you find yourself face to face with a lady in racy lingerie smiling at you from behind a glass door. We were a bit startled at first but quickly got used to it.

The women were all in what seemed like small rooms. The rooms contained a bed, a small sink and a bidet. Curtains closed means ‘I’m with a client’. I was quite amazed at the diversity of ladies, in terms of age and built. Some were dancing seductively, others looked bored on their phones, some were quite natural looking, others clearly had work done, something for everyone I guess. There were a few ladies who caught my eye ;) (I’m only human after all)

We didn’t go any further than ‘window shopping’ (see what I did there?) in the Red Light District but when it came to the coffee shops, we did some actual shopping. As they say, when in Rome…

As none of us is a smoker, we decided that edibles was the way to go. We started with some cannabis-infused gummy bears pretty much as soon as we landed. We had a packet between us two while walking across the city and I can’t say they had much effect if any. I was too ‘high’ on the excitement of being there more than anything.

Day two saw us going to the Feel Good Coffee Shop and getting 2 brownies for 10 euros. BEST 10 EUROS EVER SPENT!

We waited to get back to the hotel before tucking into them. We decided to share one, to begin with, and as it turned out half each was more than enough! The brownie was potent yet delicious. We didn’t feel anything straight away but it did hit us quite hard 30 or 40 mins after eating it. Let me tell you this, half a brownie makes for a very interesting walk around town!

We had a good laugh and some very insightful conversations the details of which I'll keep to myslef ;) . All in all the experience was 10/10!

So if you find yourself in Amsterdam, go to the Feel Good Café and get a brownie. You can thank me later ;)

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