May 10, 2023

All Hail The King

Why are people so up in arms about the coronation? I've seen so many tweets and posts of people complaining about the disruption, the excessive spending, the out of touch opulence.

This is a coronation. An event many of us will only see once in our life time. An event not see in 70 years. What is the UK monarchy but an ostentatious exhibit of pomp and fanfare. Crowns, jewels, gold carriages… that is the allure!

A coronation is a significant occasion steeped in tradition and religious significance. One last piece of history surviving to the present day. Some argue that the extravagance of the event is out of touch with modern society, and that the monarchy is a relic of a bygone era. But it's important to remember that the UK monarchy has a long and rich history, and the coronation is a significant part of that history. Many people view the monarchy as a symbol of national pride and unity. I know I do.

The coronation is a symbol of continuity and stability in a rapidly changing world. It’s a momentous occasion marking the continuation of a centuries-old tradition of royal succession. How sour and bitter do you have to be to complain about this.

Nobody complains about the spend surrounding the World Cup, or the Olympics or any other event of such scale. As for the disruption comments that I’ve seen, it's important to note that such disruptions are common for large-scale events, and it's not unique to coronations.

Get over yourselves people.

And long live the king!

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