December 31, 2023

Carol Middleton and the pushy mother trope

I just wrapped up Season 6 of the crown, dabbed a few tears off my eyes and now that I have taken a moment to process everything I have realised that I am full of questions.

Was the queen really going to step down to make room for Charles?
Did Dodi Fayed really love Diana?
Was Mohamed Al-Fayed the monster he was made out to be?

While I know that the writers of the show have taken some creative liberties, I'd like to think that for the most part the portrayal of events was accurate. This being said, one of the questions I did have was 'Did Carol really orchestrate for Kate to be so close to William or was it all a happy coincidence?'

I've seen so much online about how pushy she was, how cunning and unapologetic in her pursuit to bag a future king for her daughter...

And the more I thought about it, the more I realised, that one, if she did really orchestrate this then she is the best strategist in the world. And two, even if she did, so what?

She is a mother, and any (good) mother would want nothing but the very best for their child. We all know moms who want their daughters to marry a lawyer or a doctor, so what if she aimed higher? She truly believed her daughter deserved the very best so who's going to blame her if she made sure she stacked the deck in her daughter's advantage?

Hats off to you Carol! You did what you thought was best for your child and just look how it worked out! Kate is blooming in her role as the Princess of Wales, her and William look truly happy and they have 3 gorgeous children. What more could a mom want for her daughter?

So what if Carol was the instigator if the whole thing, what if she made it so her daughter and the prince were in the same university at the same time? She did nothing that other mothers (myself included) wouldn't wish to be able to do for our children.

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