May 11, 2020

Body Image in Pregnancy

I think I’ve been struggling with body image a bit lately.

My body doesn’t feel my own anymore. It’s like I am no longer my own person, but rather somebody’s life support. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pregnancy and I love my baby dearly already but this whole maternity experience has put on a bit of strain on my relationship with my body. A relationship, which wasn’t perfect to begin with.

Clothes barely fit me, things are tight and they squeeze me in in all the wrong places, I want to wear loose clothes yet not look like I’m wearing a potato sack... And I am only in my 4th month! So I’m very much aware that things will only grow bigger and rounder from here.

But today… today I was putting lotion on my bump and I looked in the mirror and as cheesy as it sounds I saw myself as a goddess for the first time ever. Not for the first time during my pregnancy but for the first time in my life.

This woman staring back at me, with the round belly and plump breasts, strong legs and soft hands her body is amazing. This body, has carried me through so many countries and adventures, has survived so much without ever failing me and right now is growing a whole other human! How amazing is that!

This belly is holding my future. There are two hearts beating inside of me, 2 sets of lungs, 4 kidneys... This body, although jiggly and maybe a bit soft is creating life, supporting not one but two humans.

And somehow as if by magic, this same body continues to carry me every day and is still fit, and can still dance, and laugh and grow. How amazing is that!

This is the body of a goddess.

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