August 9, 2023

Ramblings Vol 2: Clear out, lifestyle inflation and the perfect lipstick

So where do I begin.

Wardrobe clear out

I have been struggling with my clothes for a while now. My wardrobe is bursting at the seams yet a have nothing to wear. Sounds familiar? I bet it does. I've been hoarding so much stuff - things that I have bought but don't know how to style, things that I love but don't fit me anymore, things that I wear often but don't do anything for my figure.... I have so many individual items of clothing yet not very many things that I actually look and feel good in. And honestly, it's such a hassle staring at piles of clothes every day wondering what to wear because nothings sparks joy. So I've been spending a lot of time lately on Pinterest creating a moodboard of what I'd like to wear, things that are elegant, timeless, comfortable, appropriate for work while also runnig after a toddler. I am now in the process of curating capsule pieces. Things that I love, suit my figure and I can throw together in the dark knowing I will always look put together. But in order to make room for something new, I have to part with something old. So after finding out about Allison Bornstein's Closet Editing System I decided to completely overhaul my wardrobe. I have a rather modest pile of things I decided to keep, a pile that's been meticulously photographed and uploaded to Vinted and a pile that was donated to the local Cancer Research charity shop. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted already.


I got influenced by TikTok of all things. I keep seeing this magical shade of lippy that's meant to suit everyone. Yeah right, how is that possible? Well, after seeing influencer after influencer swatching and testing the lipstick I decided to give it a try myself. Well, I don't know if it genuinly suits everyone but damn it suits me! The shade in question is THANKS IT'S M.A.C. Super creamy consistency, feels super buttery, the shade is your lips but better. Perfect everyday shade. I love it. If you too are looking for the perfect rosy nude, maybe give this one a go. Who knows, maybe it does suit everybody.

Lifestyle inflation (or just a regular inflation?)

The concept of lifestyle inflation has been on my mind a lot lately. How is it that I am living through the time when I'm earning the most I have earned yet this is also the time where I have to budget the most?! I am shooketh. Last year my husband and I both changed jobs and compared to our earnings before, with the new wages we basically bring a third wage into our household. Our household income is a few pounds shy of a six figure sum which sounds rather cushy, yet between mortgage, car payments, and childcare we find ourselves having to budget quite a lot. How is this possible? We earn a decent amount, where does it go?

Books I've loved recently

Ultra Processed People by Chris van Tulleken is all about the horrors of mass produced food and what it does to our bodies. Reading this has been a revelation. I wrote a full review which you can check out. The Trial: A gripping whodunit by Britain’s best-known criminal barrister by Rob Rinder is on the other end of the spectrum - an enjoyable fiction with turns and twists that is full of wit. I couldn't put it down rigth till the very end.

TV highlight

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is a is a docuseries masterpiece exploring strategies for transforming one's health for a better, fitter and longer life. It offers some actionable tips on how to level up your healteh and longevity and it has a shirtless Chris Hemsworth in every episode. Need I say more? Jokes aside though, I found this to be a super informative show and I can honestly say I am applying some of the heath boosting strategies to my own life. Do give it a watch, it's on Disney Plus.

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