June 7, 2023

Ramblings Vol 1: Back to the office? Hard pass

A 'back to the office’ mentality is spreading across big companies like chickenpox at a toddler’s party. Lloyds for example told office staff to be back in the building two days a week minimum.

This is made even worse by our own ministers insisting that people work best in the office.

Are you mental!??

Let me tell you, I will never willingly go back to the office full time. Not even part time. You’ll have to drag me by the hair. I have the luxury to be able to do my job from anywhere in the world that has a stable internet connection. Last month, for the first time since I emigrated to the UK I went back to my homeland Bulgaria for a whole month. I tend to only do short week long visits because that’s how long I can take off work. But since I am now fully remote, I packed my laptop, my charger, my husband and my kid and we went there for a while month. A whole month with my parents for the first time in 14 years! We worked as usual in the day time and evenings and weekends we spend with the family.

Both me and my husband worked from there and guess what, our projects were delivered on time, calls made, meetings attended virtually, deadlines met. What does it matter where I am situated as long as the work is done?

I am fully aware that this isn’t an option for everyone. A lot of industries simply can’t have remote workers, but those who do, how dare you impose a mandatory office day?

I have never had a better work life balance than since working fully remote. I know ministers are quite concerned about the effect working from home has on their many city buildings that are now vacant that they used to collect rent on, and I know they feel sad for their chums who own Pret A Manger who aren’t selling as many bad coffees and dry wraps. But for us, ordinary folk, working moms and dads, this arrangement has been a blessing.

If you are someone who is entitled to a flexible working arrangement but you are struggling to secure one from your employers, then make sure to Pregnant Then Screwed a call (01612229879) for free advice on your legal rights and how to pursue them.

Signing off, till next time something ticks me off.

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