May 16, 2023

What I’m loving at the moment - Bulgarian edition

Life in Bulgaria generally - Time with my family, slower life, tastier fruit, fresher vegetables, better skincare, more sun… My son and my husband are both learning to speak Bulgarian while I’m learning to slow down, calm down and generally let go of my need to be in control. What’s there not to like?

Sand - Walking on sand with Ezekiel feels so grounding and cathartic. I feel like I am reconnecting with the earth, my birth place, my roots. Burying our toes in the warm sand first thing in the morning is a great start to the day.

Skincare - Bulgarian pharmacies are bursting at the seams with medicinal-grade, high quality skincare and the makeup is quite limited. It tells you all you need to know really about what matters here. Take care of your skin, and you won’t need makeup. I have bought a number of moisturisers and serums that feel amazing on the skin. My complexion is more subtle and my skin feels less irritated. Could be the updated skincare routine or could be the combination of more sun and fresh foods. Will report back on this when I return to the UK.

Martha Stewart on Sports Illustrated - Okay this isn’t really a Bulgaria related item but it did happen while I’m here so an honorary mention is in order. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Martha’s. I love her homely aesthetic, elevated recipes and general outlook to life. I mean the woman went to jail, has Snoop on speed dial and can count the Obamas amongst her regular dinner guests. Talk about reinventing yourself! Not only that but here she is at the tender age of 81 years young posing in a swimsuit for a magazine! You go Martha! Once again proving that age is an illusion and as long as you feel good, nobody can stop you from achieving your goals. At any age. Slay!

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