July 1, 2022

You’ve been holding your wine glass wrong…

As I scroll through my Instagram I keep seeing photo after photo of people posing with their wine and I can’t help but get itchy skin watching them holding their glasses wrong. Now, hear me out. I am not just being a snob here, there is a practical reason why you should hold your wine glass properly. And as it turns out, not many people know the correct way to hold a glass of wine is, so let me enlighten you so you can enjoy your vino even more.

First things first, what is the correct way to hold a glass of wine. The short answer is not like this (see Insta screen grabs on the right hand side)

For the record, a glass of wine should always be held at the stem, near the base between your thumb and fingertips. And here’s why:

Temperature control:

Holding the glass by the bowl, or clasping it in your hands like it’s a cup of tea, will warm up the wine. A key aspect to savouring a glass of wine is to enjoy it at the right temperature. The average hand temperature measures at 17.7 degrees C. Wine however, even deep reds should be served at considerably chiller temperatures.

  • Sparkling wines - around 7 degrees C
  • White wines - 9.5 degrees C
  • Reds wines - 15.5 degrees C

When wine gets too warm, its alcohol is emphasised, throwing it off balance and making it taste too boozy. This in tern makes all other flavours a bit flatter and lacklustre.

So unless you are sipping mulled wine on a Christmas market, you have no business keeping your glass of wine warm.

Better oxygenation:

Half of the savour of the wine is in it’s aroma, which is why you see wine connoisseurs giving their glasses a swirl, inhaling and only then taking a sip. Holding the glass by the stem allows for a much more elegant and controlled swirl which in turn will unlock more of the wine’s aroma. Try doing the same motion while holding the bowl of the glass and you risk spilling it all over yourself.

Another thing worth mention here is that if you spray perfume on your wrists then you want to make sure that your hand is as far away from the wine as possible so that the aromas don’t mix. You want to inhale a breath of smooth and abundant wine, not a whiff of your D&G perfume.

Better appearance:

Wine glasses are notorious for collecting fingerprints. Especially if you are sipping wine while on a soiree where you are not sitting down and you periodically pass your glass from one hand to the other. By the time you take your last sip your glass will look murky and covered in prints. Holding the glass by the stem avoids this.

So if you want to elevate your wine experience, both in terms of flavour, aroma and how you look while drinking, simply make sure you hold the glass by the stem.

You are welcome!

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