June 25, 2022

On Abortion

Abortion is a necessary medical procedure. There I said it.

It’s not something a woman does on a whim. It’s not something that’s ever undertaken lightly. It is a necessary procedure that allows women to live the lives they choose for themselves.

In the Unites States as of today, states will be able to decide for themselves if abortion is allowed and considering the vastly conservative ideals in some states, it comes as a disappointment yet no surprise that 25 out of the 50 states have already drafted bills that will make abortion under any circumstances illegal.

Do you know what that actually means?

It means that a young girl who was raped by her uncle will be forced to carry to term regardless of the physical, emotional and mental trauma that the pregnancy would cause her.

It means that a woman who has an ectopic pregnancy (which is vastly agreed to be non-viable and life threatening) may be denied treatment since removing the foetus will now become a prosecutable crime.

It means that a woman who has just found out she’s pregnant during her cancer treatment may be denied life saving drugs as those may harm her foetus.

It means that a woman who is miscarrying risks the onset of life threatening infections such as sepsis because doctors can’t intervene while her dying baby still has a pulse.

It means that often times women will be forced to carry babies even though conditions like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes may put their own lives at risk.

It means women will be forced to carry to term pregnancies even when they find out that the babies the are carrying will be profoundly disabled or win some cases won't even survive past infancy.

It means that a woman who already has 4 children at home and no way of feeding another baby will be forced to bring up yet another child into the world.

I have the privilege to live in a country where abortion is a viable option for women. Where sex education and contraception are free and accessible. Yet today I mourn for my sisters who will have fundamental human rights and bodily autonomy stripped away.

I weep for the women who will be forced into a life altering situation and will remain voiceless. I weep for all those children who will be brought into this world where their moms won’t be able to provide for them, children with profound disabilities who have been born against their mom’s wishes… children who will grow up in low economic conditions perpetuating the never ending cycle of poverty.

This decision, this blanket ban on abortion will not save lives. It will not prevent abortions, it will only prevent the access to safe abortions.

I have never had an abortion myself but I know that there were stages in my life where if I found myself pregnant I know for a fact I would have sought medical termination. I know many women who have had the procedure performed. Some were not in the right place financially, some were with the wrong partner and some … just didn’t want another child. The reality is abortion is not a taboo or at least it shouldn’t be. It’s a medical procedure that one in five women has had performed. As of today however, in the States, abortion will become a crime. A back alley dirty little secret.

So I am angry and saddened for this turn of events. I am disappointed in the backward treatment of women. I am frustrated for those who will be backed into a corner to carry a baby they do not want.

Abortion is a fundamental human right and basic medical treatment. It should be legal and accessible. There is simply no conversation to be had around that. I don’t care what the bible or the Quran or any holy book says on the issues. I don’t care what religious affiliations people may have. The fact of the matter is that people should be allowed to decide for themselves.

If your ultra conservative catholic upbringing means you don’t take contraception and you disapprove of abortions that’s fine. Then don’t have one. But your choices, your ideals and your holy books should not dictate how millions of other women should live their lives.

As a woman, as a mother I insist that abortions should be legal.

Motherhood is simply too important of a job to be forced on anybody.

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