April 11, 2018

I completed the Wolf Run!

Last Sunday was the day of the Spring Wolf run. That’s right, yours truly here completed a 10k obstacle race that included everything from running through a muddy forest, climbing over walls, crawling through trenches… It was cold, it was muddy, it was gruelling… and I loved every minute of it.

Thumbs up for the 'Mudsucker' challenge

This is my second time wolf running, the first being last summer. Last year I stepped in for someone who pulled out of the event in the last minute so really I was not prepared at all. I just turned up. Unlike last year however, this time around I was prepared. In fact I spend the last 8 weeks training with a personal trainer, taking part in group exercises as well as going to the gym with Axl and smashing it on the treadmill.

Axl has been absolutely great in helping me push myself this year. Be it dragging me to the gym or simply by bringing out the competitive streak in me, he's made this whole experience a whole lot more enjoyable

So how was this year’s experience, compared to last year?

Well, it was quite different! For one I didn’t feel like dying for most of the run, instead I was going at a steady pace that I enjoyed. I felt strong and powerful and confident. I faced each challenge with a smile. I pushed myself to go that little bit faster, jump higher, reach further. I now have some amazing memories (you really do bond with people when neck deep in mud) and savage bruises to remind me of what my body is capable of. Because sometimes I do need a reminder.

In a world with flawless Instagram models, ever-changing beauty standards and #bodygoals hashtags, it’s easy to forget that our bodies are amazing. I’m guilty of this myself. Sometimes I’m so busy bashing every bump and lump, that I forget that my body is pretty damn good as it is. I mean, the Wolf Run was the perfect opportunity for my body to amaze me how far it can go and push itself. And seeing the progress I’ve made over the last 8 weeks and how much better I performed this time around, really proved to me that my body is freaking awesome.

I am even more driven, excited and motivated to take care of myself. No, I am not perfect, but I am pretty damn good and this body, with all it’s lumps and bumps, this body will keep going to the gym, will keep squatting and lunging and I will do even better on the next Wolf Run.

Oh you heard that right, I’m doing it again. We already signed up! So 50 days from now, I’ll be in the mud again. 50 days from now I will be better, stronger and faster than I am today. Now this is #bodygoals

Victorious - see you again in 50 days!

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